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Who We Are

Cocoacraft is a bean-to-bar manufacturer of pure couvertures and premium cocoa powder free from additives or alkalis. Our single-origin beans are carefully sourced from the fertile farms of Idukki, Kerala. Through more than a decade of dedicated research and Development, we have perfected our processes to naturally extract the finest flavours.  Our in-house management of every step from bean to bar ensures meticulous attention to detail and consistently superior quality.

WE'RE Invested in Your Business

When Jamie Oliver set up restaurants in India, couverture and cocoa products were shipped to London to be personally sampled and vetted. Cocoacraft is now exclusively used across Jamie Oliver’s 18 Indian restaurants.

When Sequel, an organic restaurant in Mumbai, asked for 85% couverture without soy lecithin, we adapted our processes and products. Our entire organic range is now 100% natural.
Grand Hyatt, Cochin, wanted buttons when they weren’t being produced. We’ve since added it to our list of products.

We’re that passionate about chocolate, and firmly believe that nothing else in the Indian market can compare to our offerings.

  • Product Range

    We specialize in high-quality cacao products including couvertures, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, cocoa nibs, and a delectable hot chocolate mix.

    Our certified organic selection features Dark chocolate couvertures, cocoa butter, cocoa nibs, and cocoa powder, all produced to meet stringent organic standards.

    Additionally, we offer  sugar-free dark chocolate couvert specifically designed for use in confectionery and desserts.

  • Pure Couvertures

    At Cocoacraft, we create the purest couvertures without any additives or alkalis. Our premium range of couvertures includes WHITE, MILK, and DARK (52%, 70%, 85%, 99.5%). Crafted from native, single origin cocoa beans sourced from Kerala, these couvertures are the perfect choice to elevate your signature recipes

  • Cocoa Powder & Hot
    Cocoa Mix

    Indulge in our Rich Cocoa Powder, meticulously made from well-fermented beans to deliver an intense natural cocoa flavor. With a high cocoa butter content of 20 to 22%, double the industry standard, it offers unparalleled richness. Our superior Hot Cocoa, carefully crafted from our signature cocoa powder, is ideal for cafes, and caterers for a high quality chocolate drink

  • Cocoa Beans & Nibs

    Experience the finest cocoa beans and nibs sourced from specific regions and farms. Our in-house fermentation, precise drying, and expert roasting ensure optimal flavor notes. Choose from un-hulled beans and hulled nibs to enhance your culinary creations.

  • Sugar-free Couverture

    Our mild 52% Dark Chocolate couverture is also available as a sugar-free variant. ideal for baking and for desserts, this exclusive couverture has no added sugar and has a very low glycemic index. It is prebiotic and contains cocoa beans, isomalt, cocoa butter, emulsifier, soy lecithin and natural vanilla extract. A perfect choice for no sugar spike desserts that are diabetic-friendly.

    Discover our mild 52% Dark Chocolate couverture, available in a sugar-free variant. Perfect for baking and desserts, this exclusive couverture contains no added sugar and has a very low glycemic index. It combines cocoa beans with isomalt, a prebiotic for the perfect chocolate for diabetic-friendly desserts without compromising on taste.

  • Organic Couvertures And Cocoa Product Range

    End your search for organic cocoa ingredients with Cocoacraft's ORGANIC range. Our certified organic collection features dark chocolate couvertures, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, cocoa beans, and nibs. Crafted from single origin organic cocoa beans, our artisanal dark chocolate organic couverture blocks offer unmatched richness. Vegan-friendly, they are the perfect choice for conscientious consumers