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Our Story

For the love of Chocolate
Cocoacraft is a family enterprise in Kochi, Kerala, India dedicated to making premium quality chocolate and cocoa products since 2000. The art of making chocolate is one that is painstakingly and lovingly perfected over time. Cocoacraft is a reflection of our passion and love that goes into making fine chocolate.
Cocoa Beans

Artisanal Chocolates
We manufacture our own chocolate and cocoa products with the utmost care and personal attention. Right from sourcing quality cocoa beans from select growers in Kerala to careful monitoring of the fermenting process; we are involved in every step of the way. We use well-fermented beans and follow a stringent flavour development process to ensure the richness of our chocolate.

Pure Ingredients
At Cocoacraft, we believe in pure chocolate that is rich in flavour and free of harmful trans-fats. We make a range of pure chocolate couvertures containing 52%, 70%, 85% and 99.5% cocoa. This guarantees that Cocoacraft chocolate couvertures have the wonderful natural aroma, texture and flavour of cocoa, while retaining all it's health benefits, which are otherwise lost.

Our Chocolate and Cocoa Products
Cocoacraft has a range of premium chocolate confectionery and assorted chocolate products, which includes chocolate syrup, chocolate spread and chocolate bars. We also make fine quality enrobed chocolates with various fillings (coconut, mint, nuts, caramel), as well as moulded chocolates. We have distributors for these across India. Our professional series caters to food manufacturers, restaurants, bakers and chocolatiers.

Our Pure Cocoa Butter
We also make pure cocoa butter, which is an excellent moisturiser used in a range of skincare products. The Cocoacraft cocoa butter is prime press and retains all the benefits of cocoa butter, ensuring smooth and well hydrated skin naturally.

The Cocoacraft Seal
Couverture is superior quality chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa butter. It melts smoothly as compared to compound, which largely contains hydrogenated vegetable oil (trans fats) in place of cocoa butter. At Cocoacraft, we follow natural processes to make our couverture chocolate without adding any vegetable fats. This retains all the wonderful health benefits of cocoa while locking in its inimitable flavour. Our healthy, trans-fat free chocolates are the choice of many people who have made lifestyle changes after being diagnosed with diseases like cancer and diabetes. Moments such as these make us feel proud indeed and make our journey seem even more special.

Cocoacraft’s cocoa beans are handpicked from plantations in Kerala, then fermented, dried and processed naturally into fine chocolate. We take great care to bring out the natural flavour of the cocoa by extended conching.